New Year's Resolutions

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Last year I made three resolutions.  One of which was to get this blog off the ground.  That’s one I managed to keep.  Another was to make a difference in my working life.  To some extent I managed that — I have a new online presence and I’ve stepped up self promotion.  The third I can’t remeber, which probably means I haven’t managed it.

I’m still working on my resolutions for this year.

Over the Christmas break I bought some new clothes, including a £200 coat which really needs a scarf, and some other reasonably smart things.  I had a hair cut, I grew more of a beard.  So, you see, I’m looking so much more gorgeous than previously.  Natalie’s got a new boyfriend.  And so I think it’s time I found myself a nice girl.

I need more than one resolution, I’m just not sure what they should be yet.  Once I’ve worked that out I’ll let you know.  In the mean time I’ll keep you updated on that one.

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