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Hmm, there isn’t much actually, with exams and all, I haven’t had much time, but there are a few things.

Emma, Ben, Tim and Scott were going to go to White Rose this weekend, and Emma asked Natalie and I if we wanted to go with them.  Natalie couldn’t because of her work, so she said no. I would have liked to, but I didn’t have any money and I wanted to spend time with Natalie – I don’t get chance to see her any other time really because we bot have full time college timetables, and especially during the exams we cant get out to see each other as much as we would like (Emma irritates me a little in that way – I mean since she dropped out of college she gets to see Ben whenever he has a free period and doesn’t seem to realise that is is harder for some of us who have to work round two of us not just one, that one of us cant just run to the other when we want with no other things that have to be done), so we want to see each other when we can – so I said I wouldn’t go either.  Emma seemed disappointed (but who wouldn’t be when I say I’m not going 😉 ), and told me that if I wasn’t going she didn’t want to go round White Rose with 3 guys (how I would make any difference, being a guy, I don’t know), so she said she might not go.  I told her (this was on AIM), that if she didn’t go, then Ben wouldn’t, and then the other two wouldn’t go, and they would be pissed off with her for making them come and meet them just to not go.  Anyway, Saturday after theatre school we all went into Halifax and were going to do our usual of going to KFC for lunch, but we got there and the queue was out of the door, and Natalie and I were at the back.  Neither of us wanted to wait that long really, so she decided she would go and get something somewhere else, and we told Emma that.  She didn’t seem too happy at the time, but Ben was in a pretty bad mood with her and so we put it down to that.  We went down to Boots, and Natalie got a meal deal (with a new rabbit bottle for me since I threw the old one away because it made me feel ill when drinking from it – guess it must have been holding germs in it somewhere), and I had a bar of chocolate (yum, hehe).  Then we came back to my house so that we could ask my parents about that night…they said ti was OK as long as I was back by 1 on Sunday.

I stayed at Natalie’s on Saturday night because they invited me up to watch Eurovision.  It was good fun.  That night made me think even more though – I never want to not be able to do that – to be able to wake up and have her just there, in my arms, its something so special, and I want to be able to do that forever, to be able go to to sleep with her in my arms, and wake up the next day and have her still there, all warm and beautiful.  Hmm, sickening, I know, but I like it, and its something I want to be able to do forever.  Actually, it wasn’t quite like that – I got woken up by her snoring in my ear, but still…ahhh, I liked the whole night.

Apparently, when we spoke to Emma yesterday, she said that she didn’t go to White Rose…and then I spoke to Tim, and surprise, surprise, he said that he didn’t go either because Ben wimped out…heh, what did I predict?  Hmm, I knew that would happen.  The thing that really annoyed me was that Emma blames Nat – she said that when Ben and her go off together on Saturdays, Nat says things about her stealing her friends off her, and she felt the same about what Natalie did with me.  The truth is, I can’t afford it – I have no income (hmm, need a job, lol), and I still have a £200 phone bill to pay off…and yes, I did want to see Natalie, but she doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that not all of us can drop everything and run to each other when one of us has some spare time.  I don’t want to sound nasty, but it annoys me.

So that was Saturday.  On Sunday, I was heading home (gave myself 20 mins to get from Halifax to home) and was late, it wasn’t my fault though – there were road works under the bridge in Sowerby Bridge causing holdups all the way though.  My parents were alright about it though, so that’s ok 🙂

Hmm, and that’s about all.  I think I am going to set a download off now, and go off to college to take my Sociology textbook back, just to get out of the house.

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i know exactly what you mean by both of your schedules being full and not getting to see each other!it sucks doesn’t it? and especially since my bf doesn’t even go to my school and then my friends are like whaa my bf isn’t here today..i’m like mines never here! lol sorry…and waking up with her in your arms that is so sweet! i’m sure you are a wonderful boyfriend 🙂 she is very lucky to have you!

Posted on 27th May 2002 at 12:00 pm by Tink*Bell.

i hate conflicting schdueles, ugh but mine are done now, and geez natalie is so darn lucky! lol I need to find a guy like you

Posted on 27th May 2002 at 12:00 pm by PlasticWhistleFace13.

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